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inakustik High Quality selections

Great Voices

Welcome to the world of impeccable sound, the “IN-AKUSTIK REFERENCE SOUND EDITION”.
This remarkable sound carrier from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. 16
tracks featuring Great Voices are forming a seamless and exceptional sound and listening
RESO Mastering, the new high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic
improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is
gaining more atmosphere and emotion.
To best transmit this musical experience, an HQCD (HiQualityCD). is used as sound carrier. The
use of a polycarbonate plastic with improved light transmission and a special alloy for the reflective
layer HQCD achieves a high audio quality. HQCDs are fully compatible with all standard CD players.
The package consists of a complex media book. The 8-page booklet includes a description to each
of the tracks.

While I Look At You - Sands,Evie
No Sanctuary here - Jones, Chris
Walk Around Downtown - Wheeler, Cheryl
All The Lonely Girls - Schild, Udo
By The Light - Anderson, Miller
Silver Wheeled Pony - M'Carver, Kimberly
I'm Finished Here - Fankhauser, Philipp
Petit, tu viens petit - Largounez, Patrick & Friedemann
1000 Lovers - Miles, Lynn
Words Of Love - Munyon, David
Lost - Schenker, Michael & Barden, Gary
The Traveller - Taylor, Allan
Up and Away - Martelle
The Tide - Kaplansky, Lucy
You Can't Always Keep The One's You Love - Blond, Leigh
Argyle Bridge - Strauss, Steve

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