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The best was not good enough for the ELAC developers. The new crystal membrane woofer technology by the loudspeaker specialists from Kiel in the north of Germany created a sensation worldwide.So it is clear that the top models are now equipped with the award-winning crystal membrane technology, as well as 4-Pi-tweeters, X-JET-coaxial drivers and other technological goodies.

The flagship FS 609 CE celebrated its world premiere at the IFA trade fair. ELAC's top model of the 600 series shines with new chassis technology and in a new design at the highest quality level.

609 together with the rest of the 600 family:

ELAC 600 Family

Technical highlights:

X-JET of the second generation: further optimized magnet system, improved internal design with additional damping, new midrange membrane configuration with Nomex honeycomb material / phenol paper top layers and crystal membrane.This results in an extended transmission range of the midrange part of the X-JET which facilitates more linear crossovers to the woofers and tweeters of the FS 609 CE.

TT 180 AS-XR with crystal membrane in proven LLD technology.

Large down-firing BR tube rounded at both sides (integrated in the base plate).

Further 60mm BR tube on the back of thecabinet (top) which is closed with a 60mm basscontrol plug as standard. This allows to adjust the volume of the low bass in order to compensate for room-acoustic deficiencies

Control panel for tonal fine tuning provides two contiguous switches. The upper switch enables optimum adjustment of the directional pattern of the loudspeaker. It adapts the X-JET III and the 4 PI tweeter transmission ranges to individual room conditions and listening preferences. The other switch is used for controlling the levels of the midrange / upper midrange (- / 0 / +). This way, the FS 609 CE can be adapted to individual room conditions.

Solid base plate with solid steel core, delivered as a standard fixed to the cabinet with screws.

New, very solidly designed spikes (with M 10 thread) ensure the secure position and the necessary clearance to the floor (BR tube at the base).

Easily accessible, gold-plated WBT connectors.

Rear panel with aluminium facing and finished in the cabinet colour.

Finishes: Black High Gloss, Titan Shadow


Specifications FS 609 CE

Dimensions H x W x D 1310 x 198/212 x 285 mm Nom / Peak Power

Handling 250 W / 300 W

Weight 46 kg

Frequency range 25 – 53,000 Hz

Type 4 ½-way, bass reflex Sensitivity 89 dB/2.8V/m

Woofer 3 x 180 mm AX-XR cone Nominal impedance 4 ohms

coaxial midrange / tweeter driver:



105 / 50 mm JET III,


Minimum impedance

3.6 ohms at 29 Hz

Recom. Amplifier Power at Nom. mpedance 100 – 500 W / channel

Crossover frequency 150/550/2,500/(6,000) Hz

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