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KRIX Equinox MkII

Equinox MkII

Developed to dispel the myth that small speakers cannot sound big, the Equinox delivers phenomenal sound for size.  For use in any high fidelity application, the Equinox has no competition in this class.  Featuring ultra low flux leakage shielding on the 130mm bass driver and 28mm tweeter, the Equinox can be placed close to your television.  Equinox are a phenomenal experience.

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Frequency Range: 45Hz - 20kHz in room response

Power Handling: Maximum 100 watts RMS amplifier power
Sensitivity: 88dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Configuration: 5 inch 2-way
Bass Driver(s): Cast aluminium basket with a nominal 130mm (5") doped curvilinear paper cone. 25mm (1") voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with copper shorting ring. Vented and double magnet shielded
Tweeter: 28mm (1") doped fabric dome. Ferro fluid cooled. Double magnet shielded
Crossover Points: 1.8kHz
Impedance: Nominally 6 ohms
Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, rear vented
Dimensions: 295mm high x 175mm wide x 235mm deep
Material: 12mm MDF with internal bracing
Finish: Vinyl or lacquered timber veneer
Volume: 8 litres internal
Weight: 6kg each
Telefon: 959 32 104Nettstedskart