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Dynaudio Acoustics AIR Series

The AIR world
AIR World

AIR Series goes far beyond conventional monitor performance – both in terms of sound, operation and thinking. Consisting of a number of intelligent components that communicates through a network, an AIR system always adds up to a complete and integrated solution for critical monitoring. This both for stereo and multichannel systems.
AIR Setup
All components in an AIR system are connected through the TC Link network (See picture above) that distributes control information as well as Audio in-between all system components. This makes it possible to control a multichannel system from the sweet spot using the AIR Remote or the AIR Soft. This combined with "local intelligence" inside each monitor and subwoofer, provides AIR series with powerful integrated features such as:
  • Acoustic Placement Compensation
  • Central and Remote control of system and parameters
  • Global Volume control
  • Bass Management with selectable frequency crossover points
  • Advanced Bass Management
  • Integrated Bass Management. Selectable freq. crossover points
  • Preset Storage and Recall
  • Programmable reference levels
  • Level alignment in 0,1dB steps
  • Integrated Parametric EQ’s and delay in each monitor (only accessible with PC-IP) and other installers tools for better integration with acoustic environment
  • A single parametric EQ for the sub channel
  • Supporting 2.1, 5.1, 6.1 and 5.3 setups

AIR system components include:

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